QU-BD Extruder Assembly

Posted on 29, Mar 2013

The QU-BD dual extruder has its origins as a Kickstarter project, it ships in kit form or pre-assembled. What follows are some progress pictures to complement the video assembly instructions .

Here are all the parts required for a single extruder:

The hot end goes together quickly and easily. Leave the grub screw loose, it is used to secure the heater cartridge later on.

The thermistor needs insulation on its legs as well as heat shrink over the glass bead:

The small cap screw on the hot end to used to clap the thermistor into place by trapping its legs. You want to position it such that it is covered by the ceramic insulation seen below, and as close as possible to the brass extruder. Slide in the heater cartridge and lightly tighten the grub screw:

The extruder uses a gear as the feed mechanism, the channel in the nylon body needs to be aligned with the groove in the gear, unfortunately, this means the grub screw will not seat on the flat of the motor shaft.

Loosely mount the heat sink and fan to the motor and nylon body:

The hot end will now slide into position underneath the head sink:

To finish off, make sure everything is firmly tightened.

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