Ord Bot Hadron Mechanical Assembly

Posted on 29, Mar 2013

You can find all of the technical drawing for an Ord Bot Hadron here , I found this sufficient for assembly. The easiest bit to get going with is the head/carriage sub-assembly:

The carriage sub-assembly mounts onto the z-axis sub-assembly; nothing difficult so far:

The drawings for the table are slightly lacking, however it can be mostly figured out from the full assembly drawing:

Getting the z-axis frame square might be the most difficult part of the whole build

Correct positioning of the table with respect to the z-axis frame is quite important. If the long end is too short, you will find that the whole frame is off balance:

The carriage sub-assembly floats, and is only held in place by gravity:

Previously I posted on the unboxing of this kit, so far so good.

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