Ord Bot Hadron (Automation Technology Inc. kit) Unboxing

Posted on 28, Mar 2013

The Ord Bot 3D printer is a rigid all Aluminium designed based around a MakerSlide frame. Automation Technology Inc. offer a mechanical parts only Ord Bot Hadron kit. Along with the kit I ordered a RepRap RAMPS 1.4 stepper motor diver board , and a stand along LCD controller . Via FedEx, delivery time was 5 days from Illinois, USA to Brisbane, Australia. The order arrived encased in more then enough bubble wrap:

On the first layer we find a cardboard box of hardware (bearing, screws etc.), cables (white packet), as well as the LCD controller in its own container, and the stepper motor driver board:

At the bottom of the box is everything else, MakerSlide, stepper motors, anodised parts and a USB cable:

The anodised parts were individually wrapped in either bubble wrap or butchers paper. On the whole they seem to be of high quality, no sharp edges and precisely drilled. The extruder carriage (angled part) is anodised a slightly different blue to the other parts:

Pleasingly the RepRap RAMPS 1.4 and associated parts was contained within its own hard plastic container:

It comes along with a fan, thermistors, grub screws and a flat head screw driver:

The driver board itself is fully assembled sans heat sinks, and already mounted on an Arduino Mega. A micro SD card adapter is also provided:

The standalone LCD control panel is also packed in its own hard plastic container along with a 4GB SD card (nice!):

This module seems to be well made. Note that it does not come with a knob for the rotary encoder:

An SD card socket is on the back of the module:

All of the stepper motors were individually wrapped in bubble wrap:

The stepper motor driver board purchase also included a full cable hardness for all motors, 6 end stops, and thermistors:

Finally, there are a lot of hardware and connectors required for assembly, all individually labeled and bagged:

Overall the kit is of high quality and well packaged for shipping. I can't wait to build it!

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