Installing Jelly Bean on a Samsung Galaxy S2

Posted on 12, Nov 2012


Following are the exact steps that I took which resulted in CyanogenMod Android Jelly Bean running on my device; you should do your own research before trying this yourself. Remember to backup everything on your phone if it is important to you.

Flashing the Kernel

Firstly you require Heimdall for flashing Samsung Galaxy S class devices from Linux, which you will need to compile from source. At the autoconf stage, the required dependencies (if any) will become apparent - install them.

git clone
cd Heimdall/
sudo make install

Next you need to acquire an appropriate kernel and flash it to your device. I used this one , and followed the steps described on the same page:

  1. Turn device off
  2. Restart in 'Download Mode' with volume down/home/power
  3. Connect USB cable between device and computer
  4. Flash kernel: heimdall flash --6 zImage
  5. Restart device
  6. Disconnect USB cable

Installing the new OS

This bit is easy, I used these instructions as a guide. Download the CyanogenMod 10 nightly build for the Samsung Galaxy S2 as well as the corresponding CyanogenMod 10 Google Apps package. Put your phone in USB mass storage mode, and copy the 2 zip files to the SD card.

  1. Turn device off
  2. Restart in 'Recovery Mode' with volume up/home/power
  3. Navigate to the 2 zip files and confirm installation
  4. Perform a factory reset
  5. Restart device


  • When I first signed in, all apps that I have installed previously started syncing automatically.
  • On the S2 boot splash there is a nice new exclamation mark in a yellow triangle; apparently this can be removed, but I do not really care.

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