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RackSpace develop the pyrax Python library targeting their OpenStack-like cloud. Standard OpenStack API endpoints can be used with pyrax; this is how to do it.

I use NixOS, therefore it is necessary to know how to add packages to the main nixpkgs repository, locally or by pushing your changes.

Faceted search is everywhere, and finds particular application in online shopping. Given a search term, results are categorised into facets which allow for fast and highly focused searching without typing.

Sometimes large packages that you feel are unnecessary are a real hassle if you are on the road with limited internet access.

You have a computer running a Debian flavour of Linux, and a micro SD card. This is how to get Debian Wheezy running on your Hardkernel Odroid U2..

A DNS type service is provided by namecoin for the .bit TLD. There is a tutorial on describing the process of domain name registration, however it is not really a step by step guide from zero. If you have some bitcoins, this is everything you need to do in order to register your own .bit domain.

YouCompleteMe is basically better omni-completion for Vim; it finds matches in the current file you are editing. It is great for both coding generally, and writing using LaTeX..

I found myself without access to the standalone LaTex package, this is how you fit a TIKZ page size to the figure size without it.

LIGGGHTS is an enhanced version of LAMMPS (a molecular dynamics simulator) for discrete element method particle simulation.

Wheezy is the first Debian release to fully support multiarch. To get the Android emulator working, a correct multiarch setup is required.

It has finally arrived.

25, May 2013 Using distcc

Distributed compilation is useful for the compilation of very large packages, distcc makes this reasonably straight forwards.

Most of the wiring is now complete, including braiding of umbilicals going to the motors.

A couple of catches when assembling the Ord Bot Hadron 3D printer...

A quick run-down on the assembly of the QU-BD 3D printer dual extruder.

The mechanical assembly of an Ord Bot Hadron is fairly straight forwards, we did it all from the technical drawings.

At long last I have purchased a 3D printer. After a considerable period of indecision, I finally settled on an Ord Bot Hadron kit; all Aluminum construction, no 3D printed parts, it seems ideal for modding. This is what's in the box.

If you want to compile and upload to your digispark without the Arduino IDE, this is how you do it.

I went out to buy a new moka pot a few weeks ago, it seemed as though it would be easy enough to use, put coffee in basket, boil. It turns out that is pretty much all there is to it, although with a little bit if technique.

Python bindings for GEANT4 are not compiled and installed out of the box. This is a quick rundown on setting everything up.

04, Jan 2013 Homemade Bagels

In Brisbane nice bagels can be hard to come by, so this is my first go at making them from scratch at home. On the whole it is pretty straight forwards; make dough, shape it, boil it, bake it.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100T) running VodafoneAU Android ICS and associated VodafoneAU crapware. As it turns out, rooting and installing the CyanogenMod flavour of Android Jelly Bean from Linux is rather straight forwards.

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